Some Transportation History


The 10 longest road tunnels

Without these enormous tubes buried deep underground, the motoring world would be a smaller, more restricted place, designed for cars, vans and trucks to travel safely without risk of collapse:

  • Laerdal, Norway 24.5 km (15'/4 miles) — opened November 2000
  • Zhongnanshan, China 18.04 km (11 1/8 miles) — opened January 2016
  • Gotthard, Switzerland 16.9 km (101/2 miles) — opened September 1980
  • Arlberg, Austria 13.9 km (81/4 miles) — opened December 1978
  • Hsuehshan, Taiwan 12.9 km (8 miles) — opened June 2006
  • Frejus, France/Italy 12.8 km (8'/e miles) — opened July 1980
  • Mont Blanc/Monte Bianco, France/Italy 11.6 km (71/4 miles) — opened July 1965
  • Gudvanga, Norway 11.4 km (7'/s miles) — opened December 1991
  • Folgefonn, Norway 11.1 km (61/4 miles) — opened June 2001
  • Kan-etsu, Japan (south-bound tube) 11 km (61/4 miles) — opened 1991


The most expensive car book ever published

Only 10 copies of the 'special edition' of Ferrari in Camera: From Ascari to Villeneuve were published in 2001 by Palawan Press. With a painted metal cover, aluminium edging and a vellum spine, each book cost £2500. Other editions of this sumptuous photographic book were more attainable, however: one hundred 'leather' edition copies cost £1000 each, and the 890 'standard' editions were £350 each.

Luxury Passenger Transport


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