Air Cargo Charter

As a value-based air charter service, we offer a scheme that buys you more flight hours for less money than the competition. You can save up to a quarter off every time you fly with us.

How can we do this without compromising safety or service?

Our nationwide network of preferred partners gives us discount pricing in return for service commitments. And our pricing structure is different from most charter companies. They typically charge the same all-inclusive rate for one-way flights and round trips. One-way travelers are, in effect, paying for repositioning the aircraft—the biggest cost in private jet service.

We do it differently

We price one-way and round trips separately, so you never pay for repositioning. Instead, we book other travellers to optimize return flights using our proprietary scheduling and logistics technology. Because we rarely return with an empty plane, we can pass the savings on to you.

Plane is one method of moving your property abroad, but just as effective is by sea.

Price isn’t the only advantage that makes us the smart choice:

  • We maintain the highest safety, maintenance and operational standards in the industry
  • We have access to more than 2,000 aircraft across the country so you get the right jet at the right time
  • We provide many value-added services, benefits and exclusive discounts
  • Experience the privileges of membership to one of several available Sky Card programs
  • Experience the privileges of membership to the Owners' Club



Luxury Passenger Transport


Welcome to the Luxury Passenger Transport website. Our objective is to see to it that all your vehicle rental needs, for any size of group, travelling for any number of reasons, are accomodated. We have a vast resource of vehicles operators and can offer you an unrivalled selection of road vehicles and also luxury jets for all your group travel needs.

If there is any form of Luxury Passenger Transport  that you are looking to arrange but that we do not mention, please contact our team. With our industry connections, we are able to arrange any kind of luxury passenger transport as per your requerst.

This website has nothing to do with the ggcarriages charter company. For more information regarding ggcarriages please contact them directly on 01443 226060.